As we all are probably aware, it's right in the thick of summer.  Summer is something we often associate with the joys of childhood, and a lot of parents out there like to keep the kids in the busiest fun available.  The Sedalia Parks and Recreation has all sorts of suggestions for you! 

Amy Epple, the Parks Department Recreation Superintendent, is always working to bring new ideas to your calendar.  They've got stuff for the kids and the adults.  There's all sorts of youth sports and special parties and activities, and the adults have their own sports leagues and different fitness classes to help with your health.

We got to jibber-jabber a bit about the different things going on!

So make sure to check out whichever of the events suits your fancy - and maybe try a new one you've never attended before.  You never know what's going to to become a new memory or tradition!   If you need more information, you can call the department at 660-826-4930, email them or visit their website.

Recreationally yours,