Kaleb Filis, one of my best friends and our KIX Midday and BOB Afternoon Drive DJ has recently deployed to Afghanistan with the United States Air Force. He'll be there for a while, and I know he's going to be missing a lot of stuff from home (I know he's already crushed about missing baseball season). While he's serving his country, I think the least we all could do is send him some stuff to make his stay overseas a little more tolerable.

The only thing he told me he ever specifically wanted in a care package in the mail was cheese whiz. Kind of weird I thought, but Kaleb says it's like gold over there.

My girlfriend Jami has also been deployed to Afghanistan, and she says some other good things are candy, flavor packets for water (like Kool-Aid), chap stick, and magazines. Kaleb's also a big sports nut, so I thought it would be cool to send him some kind of sports memorabilia he could display, like a pennant or something. His favorite teams are the Kansas City Royals, and oddly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If you'd like to send Kaleb and the rest of his unit a little bit of home, I know they would appreciate it. Packages and letters can be sent to:

Kaleb Filis
APO AE 09352

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