Twitter, like Facebook, is a popular social media outlet. Twitter is a great way to communicate with people and organizations, while receiving breaking news. Here are some pages KSIS listeners need to follow on Twitter.

Mo Senate

@MissouriSenate - This is the twitter page for the Missouri Senate,  maintained by senate communicators. Here people can read news about what the senate is doing on a day to day basis or even an hourly basis. Here is a tweet from @Missouri Senate today.

Senate approves SB 182 - would eliminate local use taxes on motor vehicle sales and modifies local sales taxes. Adjourns under the rules.

— Missouri Senate (@MissouriSenate) February 14, 2013



@SFCCMO - This is the official twitter page for the State Fair Community College. Here followers can read about the school and how the Roadrunners are performing. @SFCCMO does a great job providing box scores, photos of athletes, and facts about the college and the athletic program. Here is a retweet from @SFCCMO today.

RT @njcaa#StatoftheDay - State Fair's men's basketball team has 5 players averaging double-figures in scoring this season @joshsash

— SFCC (@sfccmo) February 13, 2013



@UCMAmbrose and @CentralMo - These are great accounts for UCM alumni and listeners in Warrensburg to follow. UCM's current President, Chuck Ambrose, is very active on Twitter. On Feb. 12, he took time out of his day to answer questions and have conversations with students using #askAmbrose. @CentralMo is the UCM official Twitter page. It is a great place to follow activities happening on campus, including the Mules and Jennies. Recently they have started a #teamUCM project where fans can win prizes during the games by tweeting and retweeting. Here is a tweet from @CentralMo after tonight's games.

Congratulations to the Mules and Jennies on their wins tonight! Way to pack the Multi, #teamUCM! — UCM (@UCentralMO) February 14, 2013


Sheriff Bond

@SheriffBond - This is the Twitter page for Kevin Bond, the Sheriff of Pettis county. His page usually consist of tweet about crime reports and weather advisory. It a good place to let the sheriff know what is on your mind and what you would like to see him do to improve Pettis county. Here is a tweet from @SheriffBond reporting a wind advisory.

WIND ADVISORY in effect 11a-6p Sun for Pettis Co. Sustained 30mph winds & 45mph gusts likely. Secure outdoor objects. — Kevin Bond (@SheriffBond) February 9, 2013


Breaking News

@BreakingNews and other News pages - Twitter is full of News pages like @FoxNews, @msnbc, and @CNN. All of these pages bring informative breaking news stories and opinions. They are great places to learn what is going on in the world and voice your opinion. Breaking News does a great job providing full coverage and alerts as they happen. Breaking News currenly has over 5 million followers, here is a tweet from them on Feb. 13, 2013.

3 policemen dead, 6 injured after a vehicle exploded at a road police post in Russia's republic of Dagestan -

— Breaking News (@BreakingNews) February 14, 2013



@KSISRadio - Last but not least, follow KSIS AM 1050 on Twitter. We provide local crime reports, local sports scores and national news. We welcome our listeners to come and share their opinions about the day's issues and the stories we publish. We are here to serve the Sedalia community. Here is a tweet form KSIS showing a clip from Obama's State of the Union.

President Obama Lays Out Ambitious Agenda in State of the Union Address [VIDEO]

— KSIS Radio (@KSISRadio) February 13, 2013


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