The COVID-19 disruption did not prevent State Fair Community College students from keeping the time-honored tradition of recognizing the annual Instructor, Adjunct and Staff of the Year recipient.

On May 13, fellow instructors and staff posted videos on the SFCC YouTube channel announcing and congratulating the 2020 winners.

Jack Lee Hayes, Chemistry, was named Instructor of the Year. Hayes has taught almost 15 years at SFCC and holds a Master of Arts in Education from University of Phoenix and a Master of Science in Chemistry from Indiana University. Hayes also received this award in 2016. Students nominated him for his focus on student success and engagement and consideration of others.

One student wrote, “His coursework may be on the rigorous side, but nevertheless he works with each of his students to make sure they understand exactly what and why he is teaching them a specific lesson in a specific way. His door is always open to listen to students’ concerns and/or ideas about things going on in the scientific community … he offers more than his fair share of time to students that need a little extra practice in order to insure they understand the material.”

Robin Blackburn, Public Speaking instructor, was named Adjunct Instructor of the Year. Since 2006, Blackburn has taught part-time recurrently at SFCC but has many years of teaching experience. She holds a Master of Science in Education from Central Missouri State University (now University of Central Missouri) and resides in La Monte.

The student who nominated Blackburn wrote, “… she always goes above and beyond. Mrs. Blackburn answers everyone’s questions, never leaves us confused, and always has an uplifting and positive attitude … she loves her job.”

Dana Goosen, TRIO success coach, was named Staff of the Year. Goosen has worked at SFCC since October 2013, holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Methodist University and resides in Sedalia.

Students nominated Goosen for her “attentiveness to students, positive encouragement and dedication to a healthy life style.” One student wrote, “Dana has been my life saver with surviving my first semester of college … she has helped me get more excited about college and made it look more attainable … every time I meet with her I feel motivated and encouraged to keep going … she helps me believe in myself (and) that I will achieve the goals I’m working towards.”

Students submitted 139 nominations for the three awards. Student Government Association (SGA) members reviewed all nominations and selected four candidates for each category. A ballot was emailed to SGA representatives and their constituents for voting to determine the winners.

All honorees received plaques and their photos will be displayed in the Yeater Learning Center lobby on the Sedalia campus.

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