This past Friday (Oct. 11), I was lucky enough to get out to the Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center and rock out a bit with the great folks out there for their blood drive.  These people were the epitome of working through hardship, I'll tell you that for free! First of all, there was a slight overbooking, so the blood drive had to be moved from one building to another. Then, there was a mixup with the delivery trucks, and the crew didn't have everything they needed to start the blood drive safely.  So things had to be pushed back a bit.  But they took it all in stride!  There were folks who showed up early, took their T-shirt and came back to donate when the time was right.  In fact, most everyone who was planning on donating that day did, whether it was on time or later that day or whatever.  It didn't matter to these valiant folks, because they wanted to do their part to help.  It was just a great display of human fortitude.  Everyone pulled together and made it work.

It's that "can do" spirit that makes Sedalia and Pettis County what it is.  We do what needs to be done to help out. I was so happy to be in the company of all those donors, those American Red Cross volunteers and workers, and our tuneage.  It was just great.

Make sure you keep posted here on our websites, we'll have more community oriented events like this listed whenever they come up.  Check the events section for the next blood drive!

Donatingly yours,