If you haven’t be staying abreast of the latest entertainment news, you might have missed one of this week’s stranger stories: The iconic Hollywood sign looming over Los Angeles was briefly changed to read “Hollyboob” this week, before the culprits were caught and the proper spelling restored.

According to The Los Angeles Timesthe vandals changed the sign quickly and cleverly by putting a large tarp with a ‘B’ on it over the ‘W’ and putting a dash in the middle of the ‘D,’ which made it into another ‘B.’ The Los Angeles Police Department arrested the six people for the incident. They claimed they did it to raise awareness about breast cancer.

More, from the Times:

LAPD Capt. Steve Lurie, the Hollywood area commander, said LAPD security personnel observed the five men and one woman on video surveillance about 1:15 p.m. A police helicopter responded to the area, and flight crew were able to watch the group move back down the hill to a location on Mulholland Highway — where other officers and park rangers met them with handcuffs.

The six suspects involved in the stunt, who have not yet been publicly identified, will be cited for trespassing. As noted in the Times’ report, they weren’t charged with vandalism because they simply altered it in ways that were immediately undone. Let that be a lesson: If you’re going to change the Hollywood sign, don’t be a boob — and don’t actually damage it. That can get you in some real trouble.

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