A 'Staycation' is defined as a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within day trip distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodation.  With inflation these days, perhaps money is a little tighter and you don't want to spend your funds to go away somewhere, but you want to use your vacation time. So you plan a 'Staycation' instead.  If you are doing one, avoid these 6 mistakes and it should go better. You can click HERE for more details on the list.

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Mistake #1 - Not unplugging from your regular life.  If you are home, it may be hard to avoid checking your work emails, or taking calls from work.  Do whatever you can to not do that.  Get outside, go for a short drive to a local park, whatever works.

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Mistake #2 - Booking at the last minute.  The dates of the staycation are easy to secure, but you should make reservations earlier and not wait until the last minute.  Imagine securing the time off, and not be able to get into the places you want.

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Mistake #3 - Local discounts.  Sometimes hotels and attractions will offer discounts for people who are local.  Never hurts to ask.

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Mistake #4 - Sticking to your comfort zone.  Sedalia and our bordering towns have a lot of cool unique places to check out.  They might not be your first go-to ideas, but here would be your chance to see them.  I bet you might find a hidden gem that would surprise you.

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Mistake #5 - Skipping guided tours and classic tourist sites.  Being a tourist in your own hometown or local city might be fun.  You may think you know about all the places that makes you town unique, but how many times have you actually checked out? Now would be your chance.

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Mistake #6 - Not preparing your home.  Since you will be saving money from potential flights, long road trips, or a hotel, take that money and perhaps splurge on something in the home.  Alcohol, flowers,  or hire a housekeeper to clean up the place.

Hope this helps you out if you are planning a staycation, instead of a vacation.  You will still be able to take a break from work, and enjoy some time for you.  And perhaps not spend as much, yet still have fun.  Enjoy the 'Staycation'!

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