Albert Einstein, George Lucas and Milton Hershey shared the stories of their lives and the secrets to their success Wednesday at Skyline Elementary School.

As part of a multi-discipline project, third grade students portrayed the subjects of their studies in a Living Museum of Inventors in the Skyline library. Teacher Amber Elwood said the project gave students the opportunity “to practice their research skills. They were responsible for researching about (an inventor’s) early life, their later life and their accomplishments.”

The students then took their research and created a magazine page on their selected inventor, including a five-paragraph essay.

“Then, to share what they accomplished, we brought it into a museum and the students (gave) a small speech as a summary of what they wrote for their magazine page,” Elwood said.

As “exhibits” in the Living Museum of Inventors, the students dressed as their subject; when the sticker on their hand was touched by a parent, teacher or fellow student, the inventor would come to life and share their story.

(Courtesy of Sedalia School District)