First grade students at Skyline Elementary School recently tempted their reading palates through a Book Tasking exercise.

The school library was set up like a cafe and the students went from table to table sampling books written by children's authors Kevin Henkes, Doreen Cronin, Mark Teague, Mo Willems, Karma Wilson and David Shannon.

Sedalia School District 200

After flipping through the books, the students filled out a form to indicate which books they were most interested in reading.

The exercise was an opportunity to connect the students with authors and writing styles they might not have tried before.

PIC1: First grader Alyssa Graham is all giggles as she checks out the book "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed," by Mo Willems, during a Book Tasting exercise in the Skyline Elementary School library.

PIC4: First grader Kamila Martinez highlights a book she found interesting on her Book Tasting form.

PIC5: To add to the cafe atmosphere, Crissy Kirby and the other first grade teachers donned aprons and chef toques as they helped students move from table to table to sample different authors.

Sedalia School District 200