Skyline Elementary School fourth graders took a trip to "Elflandia" for their Christmas concert on Dec. 7 in the school's gym.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

Performing as elves, they wondered if humans are real until they met one - Principal Kelly McFatrich. Songs included "Making Toys," "Silly Humans" and "Elfie Selfie.""

PIC1: Skyline Elementary Principal Kelly McFatrich listens in as elves, from left, Madysen Seelen, Adam Rowe, Aleksander Peshov, Macie Meyer and Sarah Slagle wonder aloud if humans like her are real during the fourth-graders' Christmas concert, "Elflandia," Dec. 7 in the school gym.

PIC2: The cast raises their phones as they sing "Elfie Selfie."

PIC3: Decked out for the holiday, fourth-grader Piper Gerlach sings "Making Toys."

PIC8: Ellie Zemetskaya, left, and Chloe Shapley come together for a photo during the performance of "Elfie Selfie."

PIC9: Kolton Walker, back, and Kaydon Motsinger sing along on the concert's closing number, "Elflandia Reprise."

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