The Smith-Cotton JROTC Drill Team returned from the Dec. 3 competition at Ozark as the event’s overall champions.

Smith-Cotton was awarded first place in Unarmed Exhibition, Armed Regulation and Unarmed Regulation, as well as first in New Cadet Unarmed Platoon, a team of first-year drill cadets. The team was also awarded second in New Cadet Armed Platoon and third in Unarmed Color Guard.

“Every year is different and this year we have a lot of freshman really stepping up to the challenge that comes with being on the drill team,” said Cadet Capt. Irin Johnson. “Whenever they step out onto the floor, they look like upperclassmen. It almost gives me a ‘proud mom’ moment and the fact that they can be so professional and represent our school so well is inspiring.”

In the photo: The Smith-Cotton JROTC Drill Team that competed at Ozark, left to right, front to back: Irin Johnson, Joshua Lewis, Pedro Heredia, Felicia Ortiz, Dylan Wolfe, Karina Miranda, Andrea Heredia, Jessica Miller, Mackinzie Brines-Beach, Madison Melton, Alexis Carey, Jhonny Rebato, Amanda Williams, Seth Greene, Kennedy Keele, Callie Smith, Mina Marriot, Cristal Lopez, Baylie Burton, Tateana Wazir, Haley Stuver, Jeramiah Caviness, Justin Judd Quilala, Jordy Ortizrivas, Evan Meloy, Zachary Thornton, Karen Sanchez, Grant Barbour, Braydn Hood, Blaze Shepherd, Chris Narron, Hunter Harris, Victor Martinez, Megan Cross.

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