The Smith-Cotton Math Team captured first place in the large-school division of the Fort Osage Math Relays on March 4th in Independence.

Bridget Young was the meet's top freshman performer, with Hunter Sparks finishing second.

Also taking second at their grade levels were S-C's Vlad Husyev (sophomores), Evan Luebbert (juniors) and Aly Shaw (seniors). Taking first place in grade-level competitions were:

COURTESY OF SEDALIA SCHOOL DISTRICT 200 The Smith-Cotton Math Team celebrates its first place finish in the large-school division of the Fort Osage Math Relays on March 4 in Independence.

Young: freshman manual computation
Breana Hoover: freshmen word problems
Sparks: freshmen geometry
Derek Gilger: freshmen algebra
Young, Hoover, David Rogers, Reagen Mullins: freshmen team
Alex Beard: sophomore manual computation and sophomore geometry
Husyev: sophomore word problems
Husyev, Akaycia Mather, Katya Sheremet, Maria Aonzo: sophomore team
David Cho: junior algebra
Luebbert: junior geometry
Val Toderescu: junior Find a Place Challenge
Cho, Selina Weng, Val Toderescu, Sharra Gilger: junior team
Robert Martin, Luebbert, Beard, Sparks: mixed team
S-C beat out Winnetonka, Staley, Lee’s Summit and Raytown for the team title.

Smith-Cotton freshmen

Jacob Acklin: 2nd Manual Computation 9, 3rd Word Problems 9, 3rd Algebra 9Bridget Young: 1st Manual Comp 9, 2nd Word Problems 9, 2nd Algebra 9, 3rd Geometry 9Hunter Sparks - 3rd Manual Computation 9, 4th Algebra 9, 1st Geometry 9Derrick Gilger - 4th Manual Computation 9, 1st Algebra 9, 2nd Geometry 9Breana Hoover - 1st Word Problems 9

David Rogers - 4th World Problems 9, 4th Geometry 9 Team 9, 1st Place: Breana Hoover, Bridget Young, David Rogers, Reagen Mullins

Smith-Cotton sophomores

Alex Beard - 1st Manual Computation 10, 1st Geometry 10, 2nd Algebra 12 Katya Sheremet - 3rd Manual Computation 10, 4th Word Problems 10, 4th Algebra 10 Maria Aonzo - 5th Word Problems 10, 4th Manual Computation 10, 5th Geometry 10 Vlad Husyev - 2nd Manual Comp 10, 1st Word Problems 10, 2nd Algebra 10, 4th Geometry 10 Akaycia Mather - 3rd Algebra 10, 2nd Geometry 10, 4th Probability and Statistics Team 10, 1st Place: Vlad Husyev, Akaycia Mather, Katya Sheremet, Maria Aonzo

Smith-Cotton juniors

David Cho - 1st Algebra 12, 4th Manual Comp 11, 2nd Word Problems 11, 3rd Geometry 11 Sharra Gilger - 4th Geometry 12, 5th Algebra 12 Evan Luebbert - 3rd Word Problems 11, 4th Algebra 11, 1st Geometry 11 Val Toderescu - 3rd Manual Comp 11, 5th Word Prob 11, 3rd Algebra 11, 1st Find a Place Chal. Selina Weng - 4th Word Problems 11, 5th Algebra 11 Carson Llewelyn - 2nd Geometry 11, 3rd Probability and Statistics Team 11, 1st Place: David Cho, Selina Weng, Val Toderescu, Sharra Gilger

Smith-Cotton seniors

Mike Husyev - 5th Geometry 12, 3rd Calculus Robert Martin - 2nd Manual Computation 12, 2nd Geometry 12 Aly Shaw - 2nd Word Prob 12, 4th Timed Mental Math, 2nd Calculus, 5th Find a Place Challenge Tricia Meyers - 5th Word Problems 12 Team 12, 2nd Place: Aly Shaw, Mike Husyev

Mixed Team, 1st Place: Robert Martin, Evan Luebbert, Alex Beard, Hunter Sparks

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