Kids, I know that a lot of us around here love us some barbecue. It's just part of our Missouri nature. We love it. We all know friends or family who claims to be the best of the best. The most dedicated of their ranks came down to the Smithton Fair on Saturday for the big barbecue at the city park.

I spent the morning there and everyone was so great. The organizers, the patrons, the contestants, everybody was very welcoming and generous. Everyone had a kind word or a funny story, and EVERYONE had outrageously good samples. I ate all day long! Pork tenderloin, pulled pork, baked beans, grilled bell peppers, grilled onions, onion wrapped hot dogs, stuffed mushrooms, grilled cucumbers, bacon wrapped peppers with cream cheese and crab... I could go on and on and on. It was all so tasty.

There was even some Smoked Beaver (surprisingly tasty, very sweet actually). Theo and the gang hope that next year's barbecue will be even bigger and better. I know I certainly hope I get to go next year!

Completely Stuffed,