As I'm drinking a soda with aspartame this morning, I'm wondering if I would be better off with my can of Fresca Sparkling Soda Water that has aspartame in it or a soda that is loaded with sugar?

I look at the nutritional information on my can of Fresca and I see that there are no calories, no carbohydrates, 0% fat, and no sodium. I'd say that is all good, right? But one item I do see on the list of ingredients is aspartame. Hmmmm

I then get a can of Cherry Coke out of Randy Kirby's stash in the station's refrigerator. Looking at the nutritional info on this can I see 150 calories, 42 grams of carbohydrates, (all from refined sugar) 0% fat, and 35mg of sodium.

I know from being on Keto that too many carbs can be bad. In fact, for those choosing Keto,  one can of the Cherry Coke is basically two plus days worth of carbs. But I still wonder which is the worse of the two-aspartame or refined sugar?

According to the the website

Although the product Aspartame does not have calories, it actually stimulates your appetite and is addictive.

The story goes on to say that there can certainly be health problems with using too much refined sugar but I guess it's nothing compared to the health problems that can occur from aspartame.

In fact now that I've almost drank the whole can of Fresca, I feel like I'm getting a headache. Hmmm...guess it's back to black coffee in the A.M.

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