Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is taking some heat for how he dresses. It's gone beyond some comments on social media and is now even the subject of an article in Newsweek.

That got me thinking, the guy's a Super Bowl-winning quarterback who genuinely seems to be a good guy, and he's going to get hassled for, as one Instagram poster claimed, dressing like a high schooler?

You can check out the photo that started it all here, but you can't add a comment to it anymore as comments on the post have been limited. In it, he's wearing a casual blue button-up short-sleeve shirt with his buttons done to the collar. Clean ripped jeans, yaknow, the kind that look like you buy already distressed. Along with squeaky clean white gym shoes.

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His wife Brittany Matthews Mahomes looks absolutely stunning in a gorgeous blue dress and a pair of open-toed heels with either part of the shoe or some type of jewelry adorning her ankles and the lower part of her legs. I admit it, I'm not that great at describing women's fashion, just look at the picture here if you haven't already.

My point for describing what they're wearing is to point out that she does look more dressed up than he does. She looks like she could go to almost any restaurant or club anywhere and look dressed up. The Chiefs QB on the other hand looks a lot more casual. Maybe a little underdressed compared to his wife. Yet, I don't think he looks bad, or like he's slumming it. He looks like he might be getting ready to hang out and catch a movie or watch a game with the fellas.

Of course, everyone has an opinion on how you should dress. Remember the old adage dress for the job you want, not the job you have? Yeah, I've tried that. Mostly it made me uncomfortable. Not to mention, I don't believe how I dressed ever got me promoted.

Dare I say part of the appeal about my career choice is that if I want to wear a T-shirt and jeans to work, I can. In fact, my first thought when I saw the Newsweek article was this guy is a football player, he doesn't have to dress up if he doesn't want to.

I'm not surprised Mahome's fashion choices are being critiqued on the internet, never mind, that he can and does dress well when the occasion calls for it. Just scrolling through Brittany Matthews Mahomes Instagram shows that.

What was more surprising to me is how often he wears distressed jeans. I've never got that fashion choice. But then again, I'm the guy that thinks the "I Still Call It Sandstone" T-Shirt would be a cool addition to my wardrobe so I'm not the person to give our QB any kind of fashion advice.

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