I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite times of the year. In fact, I usually take a week of vacation at or around Halloween every single year. So I was really excited to see that a Spirit Halloween store will be opening this season in Warrensburg.

According to Spirit Halloween's website, the store will be located "near Dollar Tree" at 725 N. Charles St. The site says Spirit Halloween will be "opening soon." We sent an email early this week to Spirit Halloween to get more details on the Warrensburg store, but so far they have not responded. It appears that applications for sales associates are being accepted online.

Spirit Halloween is really neat. It's basically a small department store with nothing but Halloween stuff. Costumes, props, accessories, decorations, makeup and anything and everything that you could possibly think of that might be related to Halloween. They even have a certain amount of exclusive merchandise that can only be purchased at Spirit Halloween.

If you visit the Spirit Halloween site, you can get a coupon for a 20% discount off of a single item, so definitely make sure you get that before you shop.

In case you're wondering, Halloween is right in the middle of the week in 2018. October 31 falls on a Wednesday, which is never as much fun as Halloween on a Friday or a Saturday, but at least it's not on Monday! Happy Halloween!

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