Are you getting married? Are you wanting to have your wedding somewhere other than home? It turns out that you don't have to go that far to have a great (and affordable) wedding. Springfield, Missouri has ranked among the Top 5 cities in the nation on a new list of the Best and Worst Cities to Get Married.

Susan Prentice, ThinkStock

I would never in a million years have guessed Springfield as a wedding destination, but it scored very well among the criteria that WalletHub used to compile their list. They considered "18 key indicators of nuptial friendliness, ranging from average wedding cost to number of venues and event spaces per capita to availability of hotels." Springfield actually came out No. 1 for lowest average wedding cost, and No. 4 for most wedding chapels and churches per capita.

St. Louis also did well, coming in at No. 14 on the list. Kansas City was No. 36.

The Top 3 cities were: Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Atlanta, Georgia. At the bottom of the list: Newark, New Jersey; Yonkers, New York; and Moreno Valley, California.

Not only was I surprised to see Springfield in the Top 5, but I was also kind of amazed at the diversity of cities within the Top 20. I would have expected most of the "best cities to get married" to be along the beach, but that's not the case. They're really spread out all over the country. Check out WalletHub's list of 2016's Best and Worst Cities to Get Married to see the full results.

Source: WalletHub

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