Your opportunity to get yourself into the Missouri State Fair's Homegrown Singer Contest has now ended. But we have five opportunities to get you into the contest.

It's pretty simple. Open our app and record a short video of yourself singing. When we say short, we mean short. Maybe a verse and the chorus of your best work. Then use the app to send us your submission.

Townsquare Media's personalities and staff will review and judge all entries and the top five submissions will earn their ticket to the Homegrown Singer Contest at the Missouri State Fair.

A few things to remember:

  • You need to be 15 or over to participate in this contest.
  • Winners will be asked to fill out the Homegrown Singer Entry Form.
  • Winners will need to be available to compete in the Homegrown Singer Contest at the Missouri State Fair from August 12 - August 22 in the Budweiser Tent. Complete details are available here.
  • More details on the contest and contest format from the Missouri State Fair can be found here.
  • All entries received by 11:59 PM Wednesday, August 4, 2021, will be considered.
  • The decision of the judges is final.

How to Record a Short Video Entry on Our App 

Townsquare Media

1. Click the Homegrown Singer Button

Townsquare Meida

2. Fill out the required info and click the red button.

Townsquare Media

3. Choose whether to take a short video or upload one from your library. Then when you're done recording or uploading the submission will automatically be sent to us.


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