Missouri Governor Mike Parson extended the Stay Home Missouri order through Sunday May 3 this afternoon, while giving some deals on what he's calling the Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan.

Parson wrote on Twitter that he will be working with hospitals, health care experts, public health experts, business leaders and state departments on plans to reopen the state and get Missouri residents back to work between now and May 4.

Parson tweeted that his plan has two phases: First, he wants to protect health care workers, first responders and direct care workers so the most vulnerable residents have access to care. Second he wants to strategically reopen businesses supported by testing data and feedback from employees and employers.

Governor Parson says the Show-Me Strong Recovery Plan will be data driven and includes expanded COVID-19 testing ability. Expanded reserves of personal protective equipment through public and private supply chains. Monitor, and if necessary, expand hospital and health care facilities. And improved ability to improve prediction of COVID-19 outbreaks through Missouri.

When Parson's talks about expanded coronavirus testing, expanded reserves of PPE, and the ability to expand hospital and health care facilities, along with the ability to improve prediction of outbreaks. It doesn't sound good to me. It doesn't sound like recovery. It seems to me like COVID-19 is going to be here for a couple of years. And it looks like we're going to have to learn to live with it.

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