Just how many times have we watched a young Bruce Wayne witness the murder of his parents? No origin story for the Caped Crusader has been without it, and FOX's Batman prequel series, 'Gotham,' is no different. As the new drama premiered this week, kicking off with the brutal death of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, a new supercut has hit the web of all the time's we've seen this scene onscreen -- and it's quite a number of times.

The identity of the criminal who shot down the Waynes has changed from movie to movie to animated TV show, but the essence always remains the same: this is the moment that set Bruce on the path to becoming Batman and declare war against all criminals. The good people at Vulture decided to honor this crucial moment of the character's backstory by cutting together this piece as shown in such titles as Christopher Nolan's 'Batman Begins,' the 'Arkham Knight' video game, Tim Burton's 'Batman,' the animated 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold,' and even the animated TV series 'Super Friends.'

Yeah, we've seen this scene so many times you could probably reenact it from memory. If you haven't seen the latest iteration with 'Gotham,' which premiered this past Monday night on FOX, you can watch the pilot online for free at FOX.com and Hulu.

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