Give Blood Tuesday June 9
Every four minutes someone in the area needs a blood transfusion. That's why you should consider donating blood to Community Blood Center on Tuesday June 9.
Behka’s Top Five Reasons to Give Blood
The American Red Cross is having a blood drive on Tuesday, July 28th at Reader's World here in Sedalia. It'll be happening from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. Now that I've given you the important information, now I just have to convince you to go.  So, here are five very good, not at all shady or made up reasons to go give blood...
King Louis XVI’s Blood Found Inside of a Squash
Scientists believe they have finally proven that a two century old, blood stained handkerchief found inside a hollowed out squash is that of Louis XVI, who met his demise by way of the guillotine in Paris in 1793 after being found guilty of treason.