Dad Has Perfect Way to Stop Kids From Checking Their Phones
If you're like the rest of the breathing population, then you are probably a slave to your smartphone.
In this clever short film called Pass the Salt, one dad decides to turn the tables on his kids, who are way too involved in their phones to pay him any mind while they share what should be a ni…
Dad's Anti-Drinking and Driving Plea Needs to Be Heard
We all know you shouldn't drink and drive, but this man makes a VERY personal appeal.
In this heartbreaking clip, he urges you not to drink and drive while showing what happened to his daughter, who was hit by a drunk driver in an accident that had far-reaching and multiple consequences...
Dying Dad Walks Daughter Down The Aisle
We nominate this story for 'Story of the Week.' An 11-year-old girl got the ultimate birthday surprise one day when she returned from school. Her dad, who is dying of cancer, walked her down the aisle in a surprise wedding at their home.

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