Spring Is Near
Yesterday, I informed you about Hoodie-Hoo Day, which was even the first time I heard of such a holiday. It's a day to try to bring spring closer to us, by putting your hands in the air outside and yelling Hoodie-Hoo!  Behka is a witness that I did give it a whirl to try and help out our f…
Behka’s Burning Hatred for Acorns [PHOTOS]
Not too long ago, I moved into a house and now I'm officially a homeowner.  Well, I have technically been one for a while now, but my sister and her family were living in the house instead of me.  Now I'm the person who lives in and maintains the house, and I had my first big bou…
Where Do You Like to Travel in Missouri During Spring?
Spring officially begins today (March 20), and that means we can finally put behind one of the coldest and snowiest winters we've had. There may be a few chances at snow coming up, since winter was long, but I want to concentrate on what's coming up: lots of sunshine and travel.
Sedalia Parks and Rec is Ready for Springtime Fun
It may not feel like it outside, but they tell me it's springtime, and if there's one thing that everyone agrees on, we should be ready for some spring fun.  Sedalia's Parks and Recreation department is more than ready and has a lot of different things for you to do.
Spring is Truly In the Air
Kansas City has been long known as the City of Fountains, and Sedalia has a couple too.   The two that most come to mind is by City Hall and then in Liberty Park right outside Convention Hall.   I noticed that the water was put in recently, and to me, that is an indication that s…