'Ted 2' Fires Stephen Collins After Child Abuse Allegations
Stephen Collins has been fired from director Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted 2' today after a recording of the actor admitting to child molestation made its way online. This horrifying news is compounded by the fact that Collins is best known for playing the loving Rev. Eric Camden on the belo…
'Ted 2' Reunites Liam Neeson With Seth MacFarlane
Apparently Liam Neeson didn't get his fill of Seth MacFarlane charm from 'A Million Ways to Die in the West.' As the 'Family Guy' creator revealed on Twitter, Neeson has joined the cast of 'Ted 2,' and not only that, but he also filmed his scene already.
Weekend Box Office Report: R-rated Rules the Weekend
When ‘Prometheus‘ opened big last month, there was the usual “Ah, so R-rated movies can perform well at the box office!” discussion that tends to happen every year or so. Well, that has nothing on this weekend, which found two R-rated movies topping the box office. And it’s not like ‘Ted‘ and ‘Magic…