Johnson County Election Results: August 5, 2014
The results from the Johnson County Primary are in and Johnson County had 32.13% turnout at the polls.
The Republican side had more contested races with Vicky Hartzler defeating John Webb for U.S. Rep. District 4 72.44% to 27.56%.
The Associate Circuit Judge, Probate Division had Chad Pfister winning …
Sedalia City Council Continues Discussion of Smoking Ban
The Sedalia City Council met in a work session Monday night to discuss one of the most controversial issues it has faced in years; a smoke-free Sedalia. The council is apparently split on the issue with some councilmen showing a marked timidity on the subject, with others engaging in a heated debate…
Should You Have to Have a Photo ID to Vote? [SURVEY]
As of now, 17 states have laws requiring voters to present photo ID before voting. Some have suggested these regulations may act to disenfranchise poor and minority voters, who could be less likely to have such identification. Last month a judge in Pennsylvania blo…
View the Pettis County Sample Ballot
Tomorrow is election day.  All the campaigning, arguing and muckraking ends and we choose our leaders and weigh in on various propositions.  There have been a lot of people asking what is going to be on the ballot so they may research and cast an informed vote.

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