Warehouse Tire & Muffler has announced a month-long campaign in conjunction with Team Rubicon, a veteran-led nonprofit that focuses on disaster relief, calling on our community’s support when buying tires for September 2021.

For each set of tires sold, Warehouse Tire & Muffler contributes $20 to Team Rubicon or $5 per tire.

The donations support disaster response efforts such as clean up after major storms and disaster events to help homeowners get back into their homes. Team Rubicon’s response is led by veterans who utilize the skills they learned in the military and apply them to emergency events domestically and abroad.

This commitment to “giving back” and supporting veterans is shared by Warehouse Tire & Muffler and their mission, resulting in September’s opportunity for donations made per each set of tires sold.

Team Rubicon was initially formed in 2010 by a small group of Marines, volunteers, and medics coming to aid the community of Port-au-Prince, Haiti following a severe earthquake.

The organization continued to further develop and expand in the U.S. growing from eight to over 150,000 volunteers and launching over 800 operations globally.

Team Rubicon serves dual impact- assist communities affected by disasters and other humanitarian crises and give the veterans who serve them a sense of mission, community and purpose.

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