A terminally ill woman's battle with her religiously fanatical parents in court over her right to die has taken a rather unpredictable turn: She has now decided that she does not want to be removed from life support.

Last week, 28-year-old Grace SungEun Lee signed a health care proxy making her father, Reverend Manho Lee, the primary decision-maker in regards to how her health care would be administrated, according to Lee’s attorney.

Her change of heart happened immediately after the New York Court of Appeals declared that Lee’s parents, who are worried that removal of life support will result in her going to hell, did not have a legal say in her wishes to live or die.

"When someone sets a date and time to die, that is suicide. And suicide is a sin," says Reverend Lee.

The reason for Lee’s reversed decision is because she apparently wants to “make peace with God.” A YouTube video posted last week indicates that she has indeed made the decision to stay on life support and live out her remaining days in the care of a nursing facility.

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