There are many great educators teaching kids at all levels around the area. We wanted to know who some of the best teachers are, so we asked our listeners. Here are the names they sent in, and comments on what makes these teachers among the best in west-central Missouri.

Anthony Mitchell - Stover

"This teacher is the best teacher because he is nice and when we are stuck he takes all his time out of his day to help us. Mr.Mitchell is the best teacher I have had this year. He is the best teacher that I have had in a long time. He helps us all with so much he even helps us with school problems like other people being mean and bullying. So my best teacher award would go to Mr.Mitchell our Art teacher."

"He is the best teacher ever because he will help you when he dont know what wrong with us. He nice he lets u be mean to you he is the best teacher I have ever had."

Brent Katzing - 7th & 8th Grade PE/ Basketball Coach and Track Coach 

"I sub many times at the Junior High and the kids have nothing but praise, respect and they love him to death. He started teaching as a para and then went into special ed where he actually had kids leaving special ed and getting back into the classroom. I even have parents in town saying how much their son/daughter like Brent and the mom and dad even tell me if it was not for him their son/daughter may still be in special dd. This is first year coaching basketball and the kids adored him. When it comes to track, he stays late with his sprinters and it paid off last year. He had the top girls 4x100 team in the state in Class 5. It was because of his countless hours he spent after practice with the girls. His motto is 'kids first.'

Britney Wilson - Stover

"She helps me through my problems and she is really nice when she is in a good mood."

"Nice to everyone and makes English fun for us. I got my first A in English."

"She is the best teacher because she is always nice to all of her students and she makes English fun."

"She sets a good role on kids. She helped me with my English and also the other kids."

"She pushes us to work hard and always wants the best for us she makes the room feel like home it's pretty much a comfort zone here in her room."

"She is my favorite because she is funny and smart and nice and she lets us on the Chromebooks all of the time."

"She has taught us so much this year, and she lets us listen to music and we read books in class."

"I think she is really nice but strict at the same time and I think that's what makes a really good teacher."

Cathy Clements - State Fair Community College

"She is amazing! She always has a smile, is willing to help her students always, and her sarcasm effectively keeps all her students awake even during an 8 a.m. class! She is incredible!"

Chris Evans - Smith-Cotton Jr. High

"I'm married to this teacher. He works countless hours Monday- Friday, plus works on weekends just to make sure he is ahead of his following week, month, or even school year. I love being out and about with him and running into parents, grandparents, or even fellow co-workers and they always greet him with a warm smile. You can really tell that his work is important to everyone he had gotten to work with and he feels the same comradery. He is blessed to cross paths with some very awesome children in Sedalia and he loves it!"

Darrin Tobias - La Monte High School

"He is always so supportive of anything you want to do. There was never a moment when I felt stupid in his class. He works with me so much on anything that I need help on. He is just an amazing teacher, and person."

"Mr. Tobias used to teach at Calhoun High School, which is where my kids attend. He was an exceptional history teacher, coach and mentor for the kids! He was often going the extra mile to make sure the kids enjoyed in classroom time as well as on the court! He went above and beyond what I considered was necessary. He brought in his personal electronics to ensure that all kids got the best of what they needed. He often stayed after school/practice to ensure the kids could reach their best potential. He brought in and donated numerous athletic items so the kids might have an advantage on the court, we are a small school (125 students K-12). He always showed great enthusiasm in ALL that he taught/coached! He was/is loved by all students. Even though he is teaching/coaching at another school, he often comes to our school functions & events. (Our school is over an hour drive for him!) I know my daughters still talk to him and ask for advice through social media. They look up to him and value his opinion. In my opinion, we was the best teacher that Calhoun has EVER had."

"Mr. Tobias is very passionate about social studies. His students learn so much in his classes! He cares about all of his students and wants to see everyone succeed. Simply the best teacher around!"

Jane McMullin - Sacred Heart

"She consistently impacts her student’s every day by being a passionate teacher. She is known to be a pretty tough teacher, but her students love her. She sets very high expectations for her students as she prepares them for college. She engages her students and teaches them how to look at history in a variety of ways. She is always prepared and very organized for her students. She builds relationships with her students and cares for them as people, wanting them to excel in all aspects of lives. She points her students on a learning path, preparing them for their journey and propelling them to the future. We are very lucky to call her a Sacred Heart teacher."

Jared Bellis - Morgan County R-1 

"He helps students with their problems. He helps also, students with homework."

Jeremy Brownfield

"Mr Brownfield really goes above and beyond for his students. You either love him or hate him. Everyone loves him though. He is strict and expects full potential from his students. He praises his students and recognizes greatness where it is due.12 to 14-year-olds are no easy task. I feel that Mr. Brownfield is able to really connect with his students on a level that no other teacher does. AND THEY'RE LEARNING! What he does every day is phenomenal and should be recognized."

Kari Pyle - Parkview Elementary, Sedalia 

"She's absolutely amazing with the kids. She has a big heart and truly cares for her students. When they talk she listens to every word. I can't think of a better teacher for kindergarten. My son has absolutely flourished in her room. He's engaging enough to tell us all about it when he gets home. I couldn't be more thankful for this amazing teacher. She's one of a kind."

Leigh Ann Grunden (Mrs. G) - Cole Camp Elementary 

"Mrs. G doesn't just toss out the information and hope it is absorbed by her students. She strives to know her students and how each individual learns. She encourages them to think for themselves and instills the confidence in them to do so. Her feedback isn't only on the negative things. Each student has the opportunity to "earn" points on a daily basis for things like being on task and working hard. Of course the are also "needs work" aspect to the online program that these points are tracked in. Parental access is provided so parents can see how their child is doing on the points. Mrs. G is a teacher and a cheerleader for her students."

Linda Huenemann - Lincoln R-2 

"She is retiring this year after at least 35 years in our district. She opened my mind to different ways of thinking in literature classes. In English classes, she taught us to write at a college level. I work in the district now and still take important letters to her to be proofread! She will tell you that 32 years after graduation; I am still 'queen of the run-on sentence'!"

Michael Shukers - Smith-Cotton High School 

"Mr. Shukers is the best teacher because he not only tried to make class fun, but he went above and beyond to inspire and encourage his students. Going to Shukers' class was by far the most memorable thing from high school."

Mr. Witte - Stover

"Mr. Witte is really nice and confident. He always is nice and fair when we get stuff done and when we all are good he will let us quietly talk and his hair is AMAZING."

Ms. Goodrich - Smith-Cotton High School

"Ms. Goodrich has always went out of her way to help students either with school work or any problems they are having. She is so much fun and has so much school spirit! I always told her if I could be like anyone it would be her."

Mrs. Jackson - La Monte Elementary School

"She was the most wonderful teacher ever. I enjoyed being in her class. She does not teach anymore."

Mrs. Ward - Smithton 

"Mrs. Ward is a outstanding teacher. She is very caring person. Mrs. Ward cares about her students' wants and needs. She is by far my favorite teacher. My daughters have been going to Smithton for five plus years and she has been the best so far! Mrs. Ward deserves the recognition!"

Olivia Apsher - Smithton

"She goes above and beyond for her students. She genuinely cares for their well being even years after they have been in her classroom."

Penny Pummill - Smith-Cotton

"She actually taught at Northwest (Hughesville ) back when I was in school. But she is such a kind person and always treated us kids as her own. If we were in the wrong she was never afraid to set us straight. We always had fun in her classes and made learning fun. She is all around a wonderful person. We love you 'Penny Lenny'!"

Richard Bahner - Sacred Heart

"Mr. Bahner teaches math at Sacred Heart and inspires his students to become better. He takes an interest in each student and understands that each student is different and embraces those differences. He makes learning fun, telling stories to make real life connections. He is passionate and loves what he does. He is there early every morning to help any student even if they are not in his class. He not only expects a lot from his students but also really believes in them. Mr. Bahner provides an environment which allows his students to make mistakes and learn from them. Mr. Bahner is kind, respectful, humble, and patient, qualities that enhance his ability to teach. Mr. Bahner was born to teach and his students are blessed to call him teacher."

Sara White - Northwest Elementary &High School 

"She goes beyond her way to make learning fun, exciting in learning to play instruments. She finds the best in each of her students. Weather it be singing or playing. She works one on one with each student until the student feels comfortable in their music but yet she challenge each student to try harder material.
She rewards the students with free time when they get good scores at all of their contest and band competitions."

Sam Jones - Smithton R-VI High School

"Knowledgeable, caring, understanding, easy to talk to. Nice to students."

Tara West - Teacher's Conferences 

"She was teaching at Park View Elementary in Sedalia, MO. While teaching she developed a new way to learn to read for her Kindergarten students. So now she shares that information with teachers in the area."

Todd Rusk - Cole Camp R-1

"He cares about his students. He actually teaches us and doesn't just assume we know things. He takes time to get to know if us as people not just as students."

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