One of the staples of the 90s was "must see TV." This phrase was generally associated with the Thursday night lineup on NBC. As certain shows would run there course and others would fill the void, we were treated to the likes of Friends, Frasier, Wings, Mad About You, and of course Seinfeld.
Often times, I will watch old Seinfeld clips on youtube. It is one of those timeless shows that only comes along once in a generation. The humor and social commentary were always cutting edge and the writing was pure brilliance! Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld gave us one for the ages. Four shallow, immature New Yorkers living the single life in the Big Apple. The premise was simple, it was a show about nothing. But with all the memories and the vernacular that was introduced, plus the fast-paced humor and biting commentary, Seinfeld quickly became the show about everything. To this day, I can quote that show and someone will undoubtedly understand the reference.
Maybe I just don't understand television today, but the quality sitcoms are very lacking. Maybe I haven't kept up with the times or the mainstream thought process, but for me, I will always look back on Seinfeld as the greatest sitcom of all time!