I almost ended up living in the town of Rolla Missouri in 2018.  I took an interview for a radio station down there that ultimately I passed on.  I got a job offer to move back home at a radio station I was a former intern at.   But I did do a little research on the town.  It is one of the stops along the legendary Route 66.  You can click HERE for some details.  Coming up this June, is an event that will celebrate Route 66 so perhaps a weekend in Rolla would be worth checking out in about 1 month.  Lets discuss Summerfest.

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This will be the 28th year for this event.  In learning a little bit more about it, it reminds me about the Salute To America event that takes place at our state's Capital every year. Lots of activities for all ages, and interests.  One of the events is a vintage car and motorcycle show.  This will take place on the Friday of June 3rd.

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Not that long ago the 301 Street Cars had an event with some wonderful vehicles.  If you were able to attend, then I think you will also like checking out the vehicles here.  The cruise event will begin at 4pm.  Plenty of food options will be available beginning then too.

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There will be a movie night that they call Movie Under The Stars.  Should be family friendly and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  I would always be prepared with a comfy chair and blanket.

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As you can see there are plenty of activities that many people bring out to check out the event.  Bags are always fun, AKA Cornhole!

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From the info I gathered, there will be everything from pony rides, to rock wall climbing, plenty of food options, rides, etc.  You can click HERE for the website for this event to get more details on what will be offered.

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There is a Miss "Route 66" Scholarship pageant that seems to be popular for all of you with daughters and there are different age brackets.  First, enter the Little Miss and Miss Route 66 Scholarship Pageant. Second, unable to attend orientation Saturday, May 7, at 10 AM, Rolla Downtown Bandshell? Not a problem, just email missroute66director@gmail.com.

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There is a lot more planned for this annual event and you can go to the Rolla Route 66 Summerfest Facebook page, by clicking on the highlighted words.  This looks like a whole lot of fun, and it may be worth the trip.  A little bit for everybody.

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