I got suckered into reading an article about America's worst airports from Travado after seeing an ad on Facebook. The hook was this post, "These U.S. airports are so bad that customers can't stop complaining about them." Yet, looking at the list I had to wonder what big city airport didn't make the list, and if any Missouri airports made the list.

Both Chicago airports, O'Hare and Midway, made the list. Midway for what always seems to be ongoing construction and O'Hare for its distance from Chicago's downtown. My issue with both airports at this point, be ready to walk a lot. As for distance from the City, yes, O'Hare's more of a hike from downtown or on public transportation. That said if you're visiting family the more convenient airport is the closest one to family.

Detroit's Wayne County Airport made the list for apparently not having enough restaurants, yet on my one arrival there the place was one of the emptiest big city airports I've ever visited. Dallas Fort Worth International makes the list for the same reason Chicago's O'Hare does. Yet I've found it the easiest major airport to navigate, period.

My own experience makes me somewhat skeptical of how accurate the list is, or if it was a travel writer anecdotally recounting peoples' air travel horror stories. The main airport I agreed with that made the list is Denver. I've never had a good experience changing planes in Denver. That said my friend Chris, whose from Denver, isn't bothered by it at all.

So what Missouri airport made the list? Kansas City International. According to Travado, Kansas City's problems include a lack of affordable parking and not enough of it, tiny bathrooms, and not enough room for modern security screenings.

I'm not a big fan of Kansas City International myself. I've had a couple of delays during layovers at KCI. I found the restaurant/food choices extremely weak. Not to mention it seemed like you couldn't really get away from the gate areas and stay airside in the terminal. Of course, many folks I've met since living here actually feel differently about the airport and are sad that it's being replaced.

The good news for those who don't like the current KCI, of course, is the brand-new KCI. To me, it's very similar to the Indianapolis airport, which I found easy to navigate, easy to park at, and with gates not overly far from check-in/security or baggage claim.

Hopefully, that's what we'll all find when we fly out of our new airport!

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