Al Bundy, eat your heart out: an Oregon high school football player rushed for 644 yards and scored 10 touchdowns in a game on Friday night.

University of Oregon recruit Thomas Tyner of Aloha High School ran for a state-record 644 yards and 10 touchdowns in a 84-63 win over Lakeridge (yes, there was another team and they even scored).

Tyner had his huge day on his 18th birthday. Given how much young ladies love them a football hero, we think the newly adult Mr. Tyner had some monster game after his record-setting performance.

Shockingly enough, Tyner's incredible yardage, including touchdown runs of 20, 41, 62, 60 and 65 in the first half, ranks only third all-time in US high school records. John Giannantonio of Netcong, N.J. ran for 754 yards in 1950 and Paul McCoy of Matewan, W.Va. ran for 661 yards in 2006.