As you guys probably know, I have a big ol' weakness for the cute little animals of the world. Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, whatever, I probably love it. So I'm always a person who wants to help the animals out there that are in need of homes. You can help, too!

The need for animal food and supplies at the Sedalia Animal Shelter continues as winter approaches, but donations often decrease as the holidays near.  It's understandable.  People are thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving and all the family stuff they have to do.  But don't forget about the needs of the furry ones, too!

Did you know that of the 800 or so animals that are taken in to the Sedalia Animal Shelter a year, about 80 to 90% of them are turned in from Animal Control?  Of those, about 10% go back to their owners, and only about 5% get euthanized.   They need about 50 to 75 pounds of food to keep these guys fed every day. At any given time they've got eighty to  a hundred animals in the shelter.

You can keep those guys well fed, warm and clean with your donations.  To help, the Thompson Hills Animal Clinic are conducting their  Fourth Annual Pet Food Drive for the Sedalia Animal Shelter through the end of November.

I got to talk with Chad McNeal (pictured) of the clinic about ways you can help.

Donations of dog and cat food, blankets, laundry soap and bleach as well as any old toys you may have would be great. Convenient drop off locations for your donations are at Thompson Hills Animal Clinic across from West Lake Ace Hardware at 1201 Thompson Blvd or at the shelter, 2900 West Main St. The drive is still going from now through the Nov. 30.

For more information, contact Debbie Spalding or Dr. Chad McNeal at Thompson Hills Animal Clinic, 1201 Thompson Blvd, Sedalia. Call 827-5310 or you can visit their website or their Facebook. Donate what you can today!

Adoptingly yours,