Memorial Day was created to honor fallen soldiers who have given their lives to protect all American citizens and bring freedom to the world.

Often times we take for granted the sacrifice that the patriots who chose to serve our country have made. This year we want to salute all of the troops past and present but especially the patriots who are from our Mid Missouri area who have fought and given their lives in all of the conflicts our nation has been part of.

Mid-Missourians charged the Hill with Teddy Roosevelt and the rough riders during the Spanish American war, played an integral role in the Great World War 1, responded to the call as the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor, took part in the Korean conflict, defended our way of life during the controversial Vietnam War, turned back the Iraqi Republican Guard during the first Gulf War, defeated Saddam Hussein and liberated Iraq and continue defend our country against ISIS and foreign adversaries to this day.

We salute all the patriots from our area!

Vietnam War memorial names

Verdean Arthur Brockman, Gary Dean Byrd Anthony Eugene Buckner, James Lloyd Siron, Bobby Lee Ditzfield, Julius Clyde Faircloth Herman John Volmer, Mike Duane Gearheart, James Jewel Fowler, James Milton Dale, David Eugene Thomas,

Other Wars

Lloyd Ackerman, William C. Huhman Us Army, David R. Johnson, Richard T. Biggs, Sgt Jerry Hanger, Emmett Fairfax, CPL Charles Neth, Kenneth R. Wilborn, Col John Cairer Jr, John. Cairer Sr.,. MSG John H Gowl, Adolph Pinkepank, Bill J. Estes, William B. Rav, Wendel L. Wilfong, James R. Cave, Woodrow W. Rader, Marshall. J Wehmeyer, Tre Waller, William Leo Curtiss, Melvin Dale Ficken, Ronald K. Wilborn, SGT Frank Gooch, Douglas B. Bultmeier, MSGNT Gary Staton, Clifford E. Smith, Stephen H. Fechtel, Willie C. Watring Jr., Walter L. Bozarth, MSGT ME. Crocker, Billy l. Waitring, LT CoL. Kenneth W. Goss, Col Glenn L. Goss, Henry T. Shaver, Arthur Dueschle, Richard Kilpatrick Jr., Earl Ernest Bell, Glenn H. Schroeder, Wayne Duncan, Stephen M. Wade, Warren Berkstresser, Jerry M. Blake, Steven A Yancy, Jerry Arnold, Willis Arnold Jr, Milburn Miesner, J. Michael Rieves, Jerry M. Balke, Robert C. Yancy, Steven A. Yancy, Royj. Lane, Frank Griffin, John H. Miller Sr., Dale Osten, LT. Robert Fulton, Art Chancellor, Ulysses Grant Cox, Paul H. Luebbering, Stanley Brian Cox, R.J Dick Kraus, Don R. Bentzin, Robert E Bentzin, Raymond F. Bentzin, Donald Y Edde, Lloyd Valor Hicks, Bill Johnson, Dan Swearingin , Van Swearingin, William D. Robb, Sam Gardner, PVT Floyd Woolery, Orlyn Brauer, William D. Dill, Milton Kohl S. Sgnt, Robert A. Brauer, Carolyn Franken, John E. Lamy MD, James J. Marcum, William D. Robb, Leonard Woolery, Leon Woolery, Bruce Whittner, Robert Wiley, Donald W. Selvey, Robert J. Scott, Robert J. Scott, Rick W. Ditzfield, Kenneth French, Wallace C. Stone, Heidi L. Craig, Harry J. Ditzfield, Charles E. Bobbitt, Lance D. Sawyer, Harold Rodgers, Alfred Rodgers, Clarence L. Hohne, John T. Rodgers, Floyd Rogers, David L. Brown, Lawrence ROE, Franklin Buck Chaney, Edward Lee Clark, Okee Leonard Rice, William B. Arnold, Charles W. Hopkins, Charles A. Hopkins, Harry Blatterman SA, William Hopkins, C.O Green, George M Young, George W. Stevens, Forrest M. Steele, CPL Roy M Steele, James E. Steele, Charles E. Brosch, Floyd Alexander, SGT Brente Jordan, Sherman Robertson, FSC A. Lindy Wilson, Arba Abney, Robert Lange Sgt, Neal Hunter, Glenn E. Hunter, Eugene David, Kenneth Elwood, Julie Wilbanks Reno, Mark Brown, Eugene David Alderman, George R. McFatrich, Lewis G. Vinson, Raymond Lee Hiller, Charles Brandkamp, Alfred Dove, Eddie Klien, Lloyd d Smith, Allen L Hawkins, James E. Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Eual R. McCarty, Robert I Hawkins, Bobby M. Martin, Randall Stowell, Lionel John Kizzire, William C. Hammerly, Phillip J. Combs, Paul W. Ray Kenneth Whitaker, Bill Burford Cline, Robert Ray, Kenneth G. Opfer, Emil Bradford, Kenneth Goodwin, Ralph Ash, Billy Burford Cline, Coni Walker, Mike J. Curry, Gordon Osborn, Kenneth Ash,
Thomas Rhoads, John C. McGlauhlin, Ronald K. Summers, Chester brown,, Rooy L. Rhoads, Henry E. Rhoads, Kenneth O Rhoads, Donald D. Rhoads, William L Rhoads, Robert P. Rhoads, George R. Wimmer,, Harold Mettenburg, George R. Wimmer, Howard Mettenburg, Alfred Mettenburg, Allen R . Cusick, Donald L. Day, Ralph R. Thomas, Wilford C Gower, Robert E. Wiskur, Jackie LeewOOLERY, William C. Dick, Austin L Devorss, A. Casy Devorss, Carl E. Tilman, Ellis F. Tillman, David m. martin, Montgomery V Ward, Herbert MittELhAUSER, W.K SALMONS, Robert Arth, Donald D Trout, Raymond A. Boss, Richard L. Baslee, Monty Hagar, Michael R. Ragar, Tracy R Baslee, SP% Charles Bauer, James R. Phillips, Pat Richardson, Charles G. Smith, Melford F. Baker, Genevieve R. Smith, Lerdy L. Bush, Pat Richardson, CR Richardson, Betsy Smith, Justin Richardson, Gladys L. Maret, Lerdy l. Bugh, WM Kenneth Orr, Charles Mathews, Warner Biggs, Eugene M. Roark, Charles Mathews, William G. Moss, Warner Biggs, Charels E. Biggs, John Helms, William G Moss, John Helms, Ted W. Rasa, June Wagner, William G Moss, Ted W. Rasa, W. Raymond Stockhurst, Leland W. Rasa, June Wagner, Lyman Rdgeway, Harold Gaertner, Chief Fred Gaertner SGt Jim Gaertner, SPC Gabe Gaertner, Fred GearHart, James M. Lawson, Robert Sutter,, John R. Burkey, Robert Earl Thompson Robert Vaught John (Jack ) Curran, George Fairfax, Michael E. Williams, James P. Sparks, Raphael Solomon, Emory F. Brown, Charles Hanning, Murl E. Hackett, Harry Harms, Orion R Day J Joe, Merlyn Mccown, Calvin Solomon, Orvis W. Crouch, CPL Ken Schreiner,Alvin C. Steven, Floyd J. Turner Jr., Clifford Nevels, Paul L Edwards, Marg Leonard, Clifford Nevels, Robert T. Wiley, Marc C. Leonard, Hnery C Kelly, James Pat Kelly, Earnest V. Busso, Ronald E. Hickham, Charles K. Kreisler, Charles K Kreisler, Joshua Harris, Chuck Eppes, Joe Eppes, Jack W Comer, Russell C. Craig, Gerry Swopes, Ronald Hickman, Rodger Lee Hindley, Kevin Lee McCoy, Eldo Palmer, Willie G. Roe, Wilber Roe, Stephen Wasson, Thomas Fream Jr. Robert Lee McCown, Imogene Neyhart, Adam Calhoun, Scott, Albert McCalister, Wayne Unkel, Richard Cheatham, John L. Anderson, Jerry Paul Foster, David Gail, Michael Andy Hoos, Myron Buddy Raines, James Ulmer, William E Kunze, Harry J. Arnold, Howard e. Warren, A.C Henderson, Kenneth E. Rodgers, CPL Ernest Gehlken, Eldred Beneke, Kenneth D. Colyne, Bob Cross Sr, Jerry Cross, Michael D. Moulton, WM R. Bill Lyles, Charles E. Snow Jr. Richard Lyles, Rodney Butler, Raymond Cochran, Rodney Butler, Edward J Boys, Charles E Miller, Wilson Tyler, James A. Tyler, Michaek Rayl, Robert P. Green, Schyler Cowen, Stuart E. Gressley, Raymond H. Gressley, FD Thomas, George E. Dugan Jr, Lester E. Price, CPL Eugene Scotten, Jim Whitfield, Kevin A. Borgmeyer, Robert Charvile, John Morarity, Jonathan M. Heimsoth, Jacquelyn N. Vinson, David E. Harrison, Michael T. Slane II, Kenneth Tobey Harlan, Walter L:ee Hampson, Madelyn j. Coppersmith, WM A. Hanger, Walter M. Gordon, Ralph H. Thomas, Jr, Laymon Wolff, William Cox, Preston Mac Rice, Irvin E. Cramer, Kelly R. Hoskins, P. Zebedee Thomas, Claude M. Marty, Gary D. Ackerman, Gary B. Roming, Sr., Joe E. Woolery,. James A. Cornwall, WM Fredrickson, Brian Hoskins, David Williams, Steven F. Morris, Thomas N. Jinks, Raymond L. Kight, Michael A. Vansell, Edsel Beanland,

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