Another Tyson Truckload Sale is scheduled for Friday, April 14 at Thompson Hills Shopping Center from 9 a.m., to 6 p.m.

The sale of seconds will benefit United Way of Pettis County.

A price list of available items is as follows:

Raw leg quarters, $35 for 33 pounds; Raw wings, $40 for 20 pounds

Ready to cook breaded Parmesan tenders, $70 for 21 pounds; Ready to cook breaded tenders, $50 for 25 pounds, boneless, skinless breast, $45 for 20 pounds

Full cooked buffalo hot wings, $70 for 25 pounds, Fully cooked breaded breast strips, $35 for 20 pounds, Fully cooked crispy strips, $80 for 24 ½ pounds, Fully Cooked chicken nuggets, $60 for 30 pounds, Fully cooked grilled breast, $40 for 20 pounds, and Fully cooked chicken cheese crispois, $40 for 12.37 pounds

Payment will be cash or credit card or debit card, no checks.

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