The University of Central Missouri will present the musical Gypsy on the Highlander Theater stage this October. Performances run Wednesday, October 3rd, through Saturday, October 6th, at 7:30pm, and Sunday, October 7th, at 2:00pm. Tickets are available at the box office located in the lobby between the Martin and Wood buildings or online at or by calling 660-543-8811.

Gypsy, written by Arthur Laurents and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, is a tale based on the memoirs of a burlesque dancer, Gypsy Rose Lee. We watch Mama Rose explore her big dreams, hitting many obstacles along the way, to get her daughters into show business. Rose is the stereotypical “stage mother” and her mission is for both her daughters to become successful. Filled with beautiful songs, Gypsy is considered one the greatest American musicals of all time. It is bound to keep you entertained!

Gypsy is a wonderful challenge and so much fun for our colleagues and students. A beautiful mother/daughter story that will resonate with anyone who seeks to make a dream come true. And those SONGS are simply amazing!” says director, Dr. Julie Rae Mollenkamp.

“This process, in particular, has proven to be a highly educational learning experience for the actors, and myself as a choreographer. Early on, we made the decision to use the original Jerome Robbins choreography so the cast has been able to recreate and experience a small piece of Broadway history. It's also been fascinating to explore and share the motivations behind Robbins' inspiration for the show and his genius as a director/choreographer,” states choreographer, Ashley Miller-Scully.

Let’s introduce you to the Production Staff and Cast. The production team features Dr. Julie Rae Mollenkamp as the Director with her assistants, Elizabeth Carter and Tanis Ham; Kristee Haney as Choral Music Director; Connor Tipping as orchestra conductor; Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles as assistant musical director with Breanna McGuire and Lucas Raymond as music assistants; accompanist is Denise Robinson; Ashley Miller-Scully as Choreographer with Valerie Ruggle as her assistant; Matthew Briggs as Stage Manager with Madeline Hamrin as his assistant; Ken George as Scenic Designer and Technical Director with Christina Foster as his assistant; Kayla Jestila as Costumer Designer with Demetrius Hampton as her assistant; Jeff Peltz as Lighting Designer and Sound Design Mentor; Cody Nelson as Sound Designer and Sound Board Operator; Annie Hall as Props Master with Lindsey Vaiciulis as her assistant; Mckenzie Mick as Hair and Make-up Design with Molly Ehrnman and Tianna Richardson as her assistants; Emily Dunkeson, Sandra Garcia, Kayla Helms, and Heather Pilgrim as Stitchers; Emily Dunkeson and Kenlyn Shettlesworth as Wardrobe Heads; Maryn Edwards, Elizabeth Henks, Britney Kelcher, and Emily Layt as Wardrobe Crew; Molly Ernman as Hair and Make-up Head; Aly Bates, Anna Braman, Bailey Collins, Grace Connell, and Elizabeth Henks as Hair and Make-up Crew; Kyle Yorg as Deck Chief; Peter Dryeng, Travis Hampton, Abbi Nastasi, Seth Sneary, and Maggie Wallisch as Running Crew; Seth Holt as Light Board Operator; Kelsey Reynolds as Projections Board Operator; Alex Houston as Master Carpenter; Ally Fields and Mallory Nicas as House Managers; Blake Legens as Box Office Manager with Elise Marshall as his assistant; Dr. Aaron Scully as Publicity/Marketing Director with Anthony Smith as his assistant. The Publicity/Marketing Team includes Kayla Helms, Bailey Gerecke, Brooke Gerecke, Clara Gaut, Demetrius Hampton, Ally Fields, Decoda Hoover, Elizabeth Henks, Erin Clavin, Brett Tade, Emily Layt, Jonathan Seay and McKenzie Koppe.

The cast features Zach Kujath as Uncle Jocko and Phil; Darian Duah as Georgie and Pastey; Iliana Miller as Balloon Girl and Renee; Raheem Fielder-Bey as Clarinet Boy and Cigar; Heather Marsh as Baby June; Reilly Mullaney as Baby Louise; Lexi Poindexter as Rose; Emily Coffin as Rose/Louise Understudy; Nick Schneider as Pop, Announcer, and Bourgeron-Cochon; Tony Smith as Rich Man and Kringelein; Sam Davin as Rich Man’s Son; Eleanor Panico as Tap Dancing Urchin; Shanice Bailey as Little Boy scout; Tianna Richardson as Weber; Adam Segura as Herbie; Leah Eggimann as June; Ashton Bennett as Louise; Grant Lesher as Tulsa; Omari Collins as L.A.; Jaggard Williams as Yonkers; Cougar Lang as Angie; Jonathan Seay as Mr. Goldstone; Ryann Hill as Miss Cratchitt; Alyssa Haverly as Agnes; Melanie Grantham as Marjorie May; Daisha Jackson as Dolores; Charlotte Sipple as Thelma; Alexandria Pettey as Tessie Tura; Maya Strickland as Mazeppa; Caylee Gaston as Electra.

For additional information, please contact the UCM Theatre Department at 660-543-4020. Children under 5-years of age will not be admitted to UCM productions.

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