The Mizzou Basketball Head Coach position is getting closer to being announced. There have been many names that have emerged as a possibility for the MU Basketball Coach in the last couple of days. Around here, there is no bigger name mentioned than University of Central Missouri Head Coach, Kim Anderson.

He truly embodies the spirit of the state of Missouri, if you ask me. He's not only the head coach of UCM and guided them to a National Championship in Division II, but he also is a grad of Smith-Cotton High School and was a long time assistant under legendary Mizzou Norm Stewart. There has been so much attention given to Anderson that somebody even came up with a Facebook page to support Anderson as the next coach of Mizzou.

There was an unofficial report that Anderson was offered the position. So far Mizzou has not officially commented, except that Mike Alden's next comments on the position would be to present or announce the next head coach.

There have been other names mentioned as possibilities for the next Mizzou coach. ESPN reported that UTEP's Tim Floyd has emerged as a strong candidate. Tim Floyd not only has coached at UTEP, but also in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and the New Orleans Hornets.

Another name that has popped up is Wichita State's Head Coach Gregg Marshall, who guided the team to an undefeated season, until losing in the NCAA Tournament this year. Several sources have said that he has not been contacted by MU.

It seems to me it must be a short list of candidates that Athletic Director Mike Alden is looking at from all the different networks I've been following.

If Anderson does get the position, I will be sad to see him go after all the work he's put in at UCM, but he should have been given the shot years ago. UCM should be proud of his accomplishments, and it shows with the support that came out for the National Championship.

If he doesn't get the position at MU, then I will continue to be a proud UCM alum with a very great coach and leader at the helm, but come on Alden, he deserves the shot.