I, like a lot of you out there, have been watching what I eat lately.  I try not to overindulge in stuff I know is bad for me.  And I've been trying to be more active. I've been using the weighted hula hoop, my exercise bike, all of that good stuff. And so far, so good - Over the past month and a half or so I've lost about twenty pounds.  But of course, like anyone.... I have weaknesses.

I'm only human.  I can only be tested so much.  So while I do allow myself to have these treats in my house, I have to be careful with my consumption of them. Not necessarily because they're all bad for me (although a couple of em are), but if I start in on em without a limit beforehand...well.  The bag will be gone, ya'll.

I'm sure you guys have something similar. That certain snack that you just love that everybody in the house knows to LAY OFF of because those are yours, you know?  That snack that you will Absolutely eat even though you know you're not hungry. And you know you have to be careful or that's all you'll eat that afternoon!  You don't want to spoil your dinner, after all.

Anyway, here are some of mine.  Maybe you could share a few of yours, and we can commiserate about them.

Now if some of these are unfamiliar, it's because I ordered them online.  Because, you know, I'm extra? I guess.  They were cheap.



What are some of your favorites? Tell me all about which ones you like the best!

Snackingly yours,


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