You guys, I love bagels. I always have.  In the mornings, sure, sometimes a donut is nice. But most of the time I prefer a more savory option. 

So yeah, sometimes in the morning, I want a bagel with some cream cheese instead of a donut.   Occasionally, we'll celebrate birthdays here at the station.  Maybe someone will pick up some cupcakes.  Or maybe some muffins.  That's great.  But really, one day, I would like it to be a bagel. Just once.  Don't get me a pie for my birthday.  Get me a box of bagels.

Well, now that we've established my love for said bread product, let's get to the point.  I was super excited to see that Panera bread is participating in the  National Month of Action, an incentive program to get as many adults as possible to receive at least one dose of the vaccine by the 4th of July.  Other companies that have joined the vaccination incentive effort include Krispy Kreme, Taco Bell and McDonald's.

So how are Panera participating? By rewarding you for your vaccination, of course!  Now through the 4th, Panera will let you choose one free bagel (one a day, don't get greedy and try to push it) of any flavor you want, if you just show 'em your vaccination card.  NOW, it says in "participating locations", so I made sure to call and check to make sure they're doing it here in Sedalia. After all I wouldn't want to get all excited and write this up for you guys and then have the poor local Panera people like, "But, we can't....".   Nope! They're on board here locally.  So yeah, you can totally get a free bagel today, Saturday and the 4th... if you're vaccinated.

Hooray for free bagels!

Cheesily yours,


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