ISTA is a volunteer organization that works hard with local groups like the Senior Center, Amigos De Cristo and The Salvation Army. There are several events coming up for all three of those organizations in the coming weeks. One thing we wanna make sure you know about is for your pie bakers out there.  There's going to be an invitation only pie auction at the Hotel Bothwell on Dec. 18.  Even if you don't get an invitation, you can make a donation for a  tasty and beautiful pie, and all the proceeds will go to the Senior Center.  If you want to donate some pies, call either of these numbers: 826-0713 or 660-473-1909.

Amigos De Christo is going to have a wonderful Christmas Concert on Dec. 21, and that'll be held at the Our Savior Lutheran Church.  They're going to have great dancing, presentations and celebrations.

But really, this time of year, we want to be sure everyone knows that Bell Ringers are still needed with the Salvation Army. Lorraine Eiler with VISTA came in to the studios to get into more detail about all the great events and all the volunteer opportunities.

Now just so you guys remember, the deadline to apply for assistance this season is Dec. 13. Make sure you get yourself signed up if you need it at 826-5262. The Salvation Army will be closed on Dec. 25 and 26, and that's for social services, thrift stores and the office. There won't be any community dinner for December, that's going to resume in January. The Senior Center will be closed on the 25th and 26th too.

Celebratingly yours,