The Warrensburg City Council heard a presentation Monday evening from Megan Geiger, who would like to see a Trap, Neuter, Return program instituted in Warrensburg like it has been in Sedalia.

Geiger works with a rescue organization out of Columbia and also works as a volunteer with Alley Cat Allies, a feline advocacy group.

TNR involves the trapping of feral cats which are then spayed or neutered, and vaccinated for rabies by a participating vet. The cats are then ear tipped for future identification.

The program will help reduce unwanted litters and homeless kittens, Geiger said, adding that kitten season is under way, and rescue groups, shelters and fosters are beyond capacity with kittens right now.

“So this program will help stabilize population and reduce the feral cat problem,” Geiger said after the meeting. The program will also help reunite lost cats with owners.

Statistics show that one feral cat stay at the shelter costs $50 over a five-day period. And one un-spayed female cat can produce over 400,000 kittens in her lifetime. TNR will help reduce that number. In addition, TNR grants are available to participating cities, Geiger noted.

At the Warrensburg animal shelter last year, 428 cats were taken in. A total of 250 were adopted, 61 were transferred, 14 were euthanized and 77 died at the shelter.

The City of Sedalia adopted the same program a couple of months ago.

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