The Warrensburg City Council on Monday night approved the placement of a cell phone tower at 1111 South Mitchell, Apartment B.

The approval followed a public hearing and the passing of an ordinance. The previous ordinance prohibited any tower more than 80 feet high. That height limit has now been raised to 150 feet per a conditional use permit.

The property in question is located behind JC Myers Construction. Jim Janowick, representing Xcell Towers II, LLC, said that Verizon is his client and preferred to have the tower located on property zoned for Light Industrial. Additional carriers may be added to the tower at a later date, he noted.

The new, higher tower will sit on a 50-by-50-foot piece of land, and will improve voice and data coverage, Janowick promised. The rezoning was made by Richard L. and Donald J. Myers.

The development of the lease site will include six-foot, chain-link fence with barbed wire around the perimeter of the lease site; a monopole tower with lightning rod that is self-supporting and does not have guyed wires; and an eight-foot-wide H-frame meter center and "telco" cabinet.

The monopole tower will be adjacent to an existing leased site with an existing telecommunications monopole tower, it was noted.

Council also approved an R2 zoning for the 800 block of West Gay Street on the north side. The property was recently annexed into the City. One- and two-family residences (duplexes) are planned for the area, according to Barbara Carroll, Community Development director. The property is located close to the entrance to Cave Hollow Park, she noted.

A public hearing preceded the Council vote, which was all in favor. Mayor Danielle Johnston was absent from Monday night's meeting.

The Council also approved the third re-plat of land at 480 Sycamore and 484 Sycamore. The applicants are Brant Homes LLC, and Tristan and Rafael Maxson & Ila Frona Bruce. The proposed plat contains 0.88 acres along the south side of Sycamore Court.

Council also approved the re-plat of Lot 4 of Hawthorne Development at 1205 Basswood. The applicant, Stonewall Heights, LLC, submitted the proposed minor plat, which creates three lots out of a 5.34-acre tract of land.

And finally, the Council approved the purchase of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for the Warrensburg Fire Department. Fire Chief Jim Kushner explained that the $211,125 purchase included 34 air packs and 76 bottles, "a really good deal," he said. Kushner added that the system will also have GPS capability, allowing those on the outside of a burning structure to track firefighters inside and also monitor how much oxygen they have remaining in their bottle.

Kushner further explained that bond funds had to be used for the purchase after they tried to obtain FEMA funds three times, and was rejected twice, and the third time was told they ran out of available funds. So Warrensburg Fire did a co-op purchase with Lake Ozark Fire Protection District to make the purchase. The equipment is expected to be delivered in about five weeks.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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