When you're mowing your lawn it can be easy when you get to that strip between the sidewalk and street to just let the mower blow the grass clippings into the gutter.

Or better yet, when you're cleaning up after mowing just use the blower to blow the grass clips into the gutter. Here's why The City of Warrensburg doesn't want residents to do that.

In a recent Facebook post, The City of Warrensburg is asking residents to keep the City safe by not blowing grass clippings into the gutter or street. The obvious problem, which many people know, when the road is damp and wet is the clippings in the street make it hazardous for cyclists and motorcyclists, especially when breaking.

There are some other challenges as well. One, when you are mowing and blowing the clippings into the street, your mower can also pick up and throw rocks and stones with the grass. This could injure a person, or more likely damage a nearby parked car. Additionally, the grass and other organic matter can build up on the street and eventually block storm sewers, or make them work less effectively.

In their Facebook post, the City asks:

To help keep roads safe and avoid the additional problems associated with blown grass and leaves, residents and property owners are asked to ensure their lawnmower discharge chutes are aimed away from roads and sidewalks. If chutes can’t be aimed away, they can consider the use of a mulching bag. Blowers and brooms can also be used to clear the surface of roadways after mowing and trimming.

While I'm all for helping cyclists and motorcyclists stay safe on the roads, I'm not sure it's a request that residents are going to pay much attention to.

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