The city of Warrensburg has made the Top 10 exciting places in Missouri, according to Movoto Real Estate. Movoto based this ranking on ranking the 77 cities in Missouri that are over the population of 10,000. They then had seven different criteria, nightlife per capita, live music venues per capita, active life options per capita, arts and entertainment per capita, fast food restaraunts, percentage of restaurants that are not fast food and percentage of young residents ages 18 to 34.

Movoto ranked Warrensburg ninth on the list and they offered the following explanation

"Home to the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg is a true college town. As in, with just over 18,000 residents, nearly half of them (49 percent) are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Because of this, Warrensburg is dotted with places like Old Barney’s and Johnny’s Pour House, making Warrensburg one of the top 15 places for both its nightlife and music venues per capita.

While this college town didn’t exactly wow us with its number of restaurants per capita, it did at least rank within the top 25 in this category."

I have to agree that Warrensburg does have its fair share of students with the University of Central Missouri. I think one of the big pushes was the parks with the great Warrensburg Community Center and the walking trails by DD Highway, Cave Hollow Park, Grover Park, Marr Park, Blind Boone Park, West Park and Pertle Springs. I know I love Cave Hollow Park and they are even putting a dog park by there.  I also love to stop in Heroes on Pine Street, whenever I can. You can walk down Pine Street and hear music in many of the venues, not to mention the places on campus. So, it is very worthy of this ranking.

I am very glad to see Warrensburg get due respect, but I'm surprised that it ranks above Springfield. In case you're curious about the Top 10 overall, here it is.
1. City of St. Louis
2. City of Rolla
3. City of Columbia
4. City of Kansas City
5. City of Branson
6. City of Fulton
7. City of Jefferson City
8. City of Clayton
9. City of Warrensburg
10. City of Springfield

What do you think, do you agree with the rankings? What's you're favorite things to do in those cities? Which city are you surprised is not on the top 10?