We asked both Warrensburg mayoral candidates to sum up their candidacies and explain why they would make the best mayor of Warrensburg, including their bio, qualifications and hopes for the future. Here are their statements, in their own words:

Bryan Jacobs

Bryan Jacobs

I would like to serve another term on city council because we have accomplished a great deal as a council and as current Mayor of Warrensburg, I would like to continue to work on future goals and see them to completio.

I am passionate about my community and I am very involved. I work diligently for our city and I am proud of our accomplishments. During my term as mayor we completed the Dollar Tree distribution center, which will be open in August; bringing approximately 375 jobs to Warrensburg. What I feel was one of the great accomplishments during my term was the voters of Warrensburg passing the bonds that resulted in two brand new fire trucks for Warrensburg Fire Department and the extension of Veterans road. This is a milestone I am proud to be part of.

We also completed a TIF allowing for IHOP, Rockin’ Bubbles Car Wash, and the Fairfield Inn to come to our city. We expect more businesses to come in the near future as a result of that TIF project.

I am not familiar with my opponent’s experience or what he wishes to bring to the council, so it would be difficult for me to be able to say why I am the better candidate. I can say that I am the candidate who wants to work for Warrensburg. I have a track record of community involvement, and I have been part of, ranging from board member to volunteer, with most of the organizations that make Warrensburg run. I have been a business owner here for 3 years and a member of the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce since 2015.

I am also involved in the American Legion and VFW as an Air Force Retired Veteran. I have sat on the Warrensburg Parks and Rec Board as the Council Liaison for 2 years. I regularly attend events at the Veterans Home, spending time with the heroes who reside there and are still active citizens in our community. I was also the Mayor Pro Tem for two years before becoming the Mayor this year.

As my slogan implies, I am a familiar face and voice around here. I am very involved in the things that make Warrensburg the great place it is to live. I definitely have the experience and passion that the city council seat requires, but in response to the question of whether I am the ‘better’ candidate, I guess it will be up to the Voters to decide.

I hope to retain a seat on the City Council to further the development and continue responding to issues within our community, while serving our citizens with integrity and honesty. I hope that my citizens feel that I am the best choice for the position, and that they choose to vote “Bryan Jacobs… A Face You Know, A Name You Trust” for City Council on April 3rd.



Will Wilkins

Will Wilkins

I was born and raised in southern Vermont to Hal and Virginia Wilkins - to whom I’m eternally grateful for the education and teachings they both provided me. I attended Union College in Schenectady New York and graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

The summer after graduation – while working as a carpenter in northern Vermont – I accepted a job as the operations manager for the CEO of a tech startup based in Eugene, Oregon. It was during my time there that I met my fiancée Sarah Ray who – after obtaining her Doctorate form the University of Oregon – was offered a teaching position at UCM. It is by this path that we came to join the Warrensburg community. We enjoy walking in our town's parks with our dog Banjo, going on weekend camping trips, spending time with friends, and cooking.

I want to make clear that my candidacy for City Council isn’t about me, but rather about the voters who put me there. Over the past month I spent many an afternoon walking door to door to make my presence known and to speak with voters about each of their visions of Warrensburg. My goal is to represent them – it’s that simple.

If citizens feel well represented then the will participate, and if they realize the power of their participation then they will get excited, and it’s the excitement and participation of citizens that will make Warrensburg the best it can be; both for those of us who live here now as well as for families, professionals, and businesses who make Warrensburg their home in the future. That’s the kind of town I want to live in and that’s why I’m running for city council.


Election Day is Tuesday, April 3.

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