Warrensburg Police are working with school bus drivers to catch drivers who disobey traffic laws related to school buses. This according to a report from the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal.

Chief Lockhart told the newspaper that Warrensburg Police Officers have worked in tandem, one on the bus and one in a squad to catch drivers who pass school buses with their stop arm extended.

"It's usually opposing traffic," Lockhart told the paper. "It's not the people behind it, it's the people coming the other way. Both sides of the street have to stop because there may be kids crossing or other things that the driver is not aware of."

According to a Fox 4 Kansas City report from the beginning of the school year:

Missouri drivers must stop for school buses when the stop arm is extended on all two-lane roads, regardless of the direction of the drivers. Motorists also must stop in either direction even if there is a central turn lane in between the lanes of traffic.

However, motorists driving the opposite direction of the school bus DO NOT have to stop if there are four or more lanes on the road.

Where people seem to be getting tripped up in Warrensburg is when they're traveling in the opposite direction of the school bus.

Frankly I think it's simple. If a bus is stopped with it's lights on and the stop arm extended. Just stop. Let the kids get off the bus. Cross the street. And go on their way. It won't delay you that long.

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