The City of Warrensburg announced it reached a major milestone in the Maguire Street Corridor Update Project.

On the City of Warrensburg Government Facebook page, the City announced that it has officially advertised a Request for Qualifications for engineering services on the project. The Maguire Street Corridor Update Project has been part of the City's plans since they were awarded a Tiger II/HUD planning grant in 2010.

That grant led to the 2012 Maguire Street Corridor Plan published in October 2012. The project is also a key part of the City's 2018 to 2023 Strategic Plan. The City wanted to start and complete the engineering study for the project in 2018. In 2021 Warrensburg voters passed a $17 million dollar bond initiative for street improvements for the Maguire Street corridor and the City applied for a $23.5 million dollar grant from the Rebuilding America's Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant program.

According to more information provided by the City of Warrensburg on their Facebook Post talking about the Request for Qualifications for engineering services, the City applied for the RAISE grant in both 2021 and 2022, however, the RAISE grant program is very competitive and the City didn't receive the grant to help with the project.

With the City not receiving the RAISE grant, the City says the corridor program will be reduced in both scope and size, however, the City is still excited about the project and how it will impact the economic vitality of the corridor through the heart of Warrensburg.

The Maguire Street Corridor Update Project proposed widening the street to five lanes, with signal improvements at four intersections. A new interchange at Highway 50 and Maguire Street. Replacement of the railroad bridge. A sidepath trail along the entire corridor. Flooding improvements in the area including Shepard Park. Improved transportation access into downtown and into and out of the University of Central Missouri. As well as a trail connection from Maguire Street to Hawthorne Park.

The City's Facebook post didn't elaborate on which parts of the project will be pursued, and which parts of the project will be tabled moving forward without the RAISE grant money.

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