A Missouri school district has adopted a four-day school week schedule.

Warsaw R-IX School District students now attend class Tuesday through Friday, the Sedalia Democrat reported . The Board of Education voted in March to switch to the new schedule.

The district hopes to increase instructional time and student attendance, said Superintendent Dr. Shawn Poyser.

"We have 83 percent of our students here 90 percent of the time," Poyser said in March. "It's a concern for us obviously."

Warsaw will have 153 school days with the new schedule. A total of 30 minutes have been added to each school day to meet the state's requirement for total minutes of instructional time.

Parents are encouraged to schedule doctor appointments and dentist visits for their children on Mondays. Parent-teacher conferences will also be held on Mondays. Some Mondays will be used as inclement weather days in case classes need to be cancelled.

Warsaw senior Heather Weaver said the new schedule gives students extra time to work on homework and projects.

"It's definitely been a big change, but I think most of the students like it better," she said.

Warsaw students who attend State Fair Community College's Career and Technical Center still have Monday classes, said Eric Rehmer, the center's director.

"There are no negatives from our end," he said. "The school has been very supportive, and the kids have just been great. There is nothing that we are concerned with at this point."

There are 25 schools in Missouri operating under the four-day schedule.

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