It's October and with it comes cool, crisp mornings and evenings and wonderful days of sunshine and warmth. It also brings falling leaves and Halloween, which means spooky stories of death and destruction. Speaking of that, I received an unsolicited email yesterday asking the question "Has anyone ever died in your house?"

I thought what a weird question, but it did make me think. When we buy a house or rent an apartment from someone do we ever ask that question to the realtor or landlord? I don't think any of us do. So I read on and this email leads to a website that claims it can actually answer that question. It apparently lists the address of a home that you provide and it will tell you if there are any records of someone being murdered in your living room, drowning in your bath tub, or stabbed to death in your bedroom. (I told you it was getting close to Halloween).

I started to pursue the site and came to the part where you will have to pay for the service to know the information. At that point I questioned whether it was worth knowing if someone actually might have died in my house or not. Frankly, I thought how would I feel if someone did die in my house compared to not knowing? I took the not knowing route.

Why find out?  It would only lead me to creepy thoughts especially around Halloween and I just assume not go there. Although, I do hear noises periodically in my house and somehow my carpets seem to be moved ever so little each day. Is it a ghost of a person who may have passed away in my home years ago? How will I ever know?

I guess I could ante up and find out what has to say, but then again, what's a little ghostly noise and moved carpets once in a while? After this story gets out, I don't suspect I will need to buy too much candy for Halloween night. You never know who just might answer the door.

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