Recently I received information in regard to an auction that is coming up.  Julien Auctions, a group that auctions celebrity items, announced they were going to auction off the blue dress that Judy Garland wore in the Wizard Of Oz, Marilyn Monroe items and even various screenplays.

I'm always amazed by how much money people fork over for items in celebrity auctions.  I think they are great collectible and one of a kind items in most cases.  While I realize you may not see celebrity auctions all the time, I do know that auctions are big around here.

Recently, I went to the Missouri State Fairgrounds and a man had the Mo-Ag Theatre Building packed full of collectible clocks. That auction was standing room only since he had some very old and even rare collectible items.

Another time there was an auction right around my block on a home and everything in it. There were cars that parked all down the street.  I probably could have charged people to park in my driveway or front of my house and made a pretty penny.

I have been interested in seeing how auctions go, so my question is: what motivates you to go to an auction?  What items capture your imagination?  What thrills you about auctions?  What is your favorite item you have picked up at an auction?